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  • Customer Invoice Print Option

    Yeah, I know, I'm most likely in the wrong area and I'll gladly accept pointers to the right category, but for the time being, can anyone comment on whether or not there is a way to incorporate a "Print Freindly" copy of an invoice/order when the customer reaches step (4) when ordering?
    I've had several requests from many of my customers on how or where this feature may be or if it can be achieved at all. Any help on this? Please email answers directly to [email protected]

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    Hi Stelar,
    Great question! We have this on two of our 3DCart accounts. Not sure if it will be included with their latest update. We had Michelle format it for us. It has the same look and feel of the past orders when a customer would log into "my account." There was a small charge, but has been well worth it.
    Good luck!
    Bill Fox