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  • Big Drop in Orders

    I've noticed a dramatic drop in orders within the last 45 days. Went from several a week to 3-4 a month. Appreciate if anyone has a minute to give my site a fresh eye look and see if I missed anything obvious (I have made no significant changes and still see fairly consistant web trafic via Google Analystics)


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    It's not you. We've see a pretty good drop in about the same time frame and traffic is fairly consistent. People on our other host's board have post similar threads.


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      Same here--business is down about 80% compared to 2 years ago. For us it seems to be industry wide. I guess if we can weather the storm we'll come out stronger on the other side??? At least that's what I tell myself so I can sleep nights. Good luck to us all! :)


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        Not that I really want to give away any secrets to a competitor..:)

        However, on your sexydelivered site you have stray code down at the bottom for your buysafe.

        Has the traffic changed at all? Are you getting people looking at different items than what you usually see? How is the cart abandonment rate (number of non-completed orders vs. completed orders..)? Has your overall conversion rate dipped?

        Here's a recent article that may give you some ideas..

        You may want to invest in some SEO for your sites. We use a tool to track our rankings for quite a few terms in google, yahoo, and bing. I ran the tool on for 36 of the top terms such as costumes, halloween costumes, sexy costumes, sexy halloween costumes, adult costumes, etc. Of all the 36 terms, only one term ranked on ANY search engine, and that was the term "costumes". You are ranked 115th in Yahoo for that term. For, I ran the same test - although alot of the terms aren't as relevant such as childrens costumes, kids costumes, boys costumes, etc. You ranked 7 times, with your highest one being 'mens costume', which is ranked 33rd on None of the terms show as ranking on google. Keep in mind, there are 36 terms, with 3 search engines, which means there is a possibility of showing up 108 times.

        For comparison purposes, our main costume website is ranked a total of 56 terms out of 108 (a little over half). Our best ranking is "girls costumes" #23 on yahoo. We've been working incredibly hard on the competitive google side for the keyword "halloween costumes", which we are 33rd right now. We've been as high as 25.

        Hope this helps!


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          Thanks, It helps a lot


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            Sexy delivered,

            You also need to submit you products to Google shopping.

            I was in Google shopping today to check our product rankings for our keywords and since it was posted you weren't showing up on Google I typed in your actual site name, nothing. 70-80 percent of traffic on our sites comes from them.
            In admin go to marketing/google and you can create a feed. We save ours as a txt file named Google. Sign up for google base and the merchant center to submit your feed.
            This will at least get you indexed (not necessarily ranked) in a matter of hours.