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  • Newsletter and Spam Email

    For the last two months I have been getting hit big time with fake email addresses to my newsletter. I am getting 8-10 a day. When someone signs up for the newsletter a email is sent to them stating they are subscribed, but then when they are fake this email gets bounced back to me, which is how I notice them everyday. I don't know why all of a sudden this is happening, but it is uber annoying.

    Anyone having this issue?

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    Yes, we got "hacked" or whatever it is called a few days ago. Dozens and dozens of signups for our newletter to bogus emails, such as and media outlets and such. Will probably remove the little used feature anyways.....:(


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      We have the same issue since we switched to 3D a couple of months ago - added the ip address that visited the site around the time the email were generated to the ban list. And the fake email addresses to the black list. The problem is still there but less than before.
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        Double Opt-In is a must!

        Double Opt-In is the industry standard and the only way to avoid having spam entries and having us spam un-witting people.

        As it stands now a bot can sign in a thousand people into our mailing list without them knowing. Then we would be spamming all of them.
        With double-opt-in the customer receives a confirmation e-mail after signing in and they have to click a link to confirm their subscription. The draw back is some that sign up never confirm their subscription and hence will not be subscribed. But it is better to err on the side of having a clean list than loosing a few.
        One advantage, is you can add a promotional message or a coupon to the Confirmation e-mail sent to the customer. along with the link.
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          It would useful to have the ip banning available for any sign up page such as newsletter or customer registration. Banning would be easier.


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            It would be nice to implement a captcha type feature or something similar to reduce the number of robot entries made to the mailing lists.

            Reviewing our mailing manager I deleted some 300 subscriber entries that were bogus e-mails.
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              We have also been hit hard lately.

              Please 3dcart do something to secure the mailing list subscription.
              • A double opt-in would not be too hard to implement.
              • include a tag to show the subscriber e-mail in the Merchant notification e-mail. The "You have joined the mailing list" e-mail. we tried [oemail] and [email] neither works.
              • Captcha option. I am not for this one as I would like to make it as easy as possible for customers to subscribe.
              for new subscribers.