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i'm a little worried....

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  • i'm a little worried....

    i was excited about moving to 3dcart. however, there are already problems and it hasn't been a week yet. i'm a small business so i understand having limited staff so i'm not freaking out just yet. i've submitted a ticket with no response, my designer hasn't been there today(might be day off but the is no voicemail message so not sure if it was her box)i can't get quickbooks to work, couldn't find info in KB on quickbooks to try to do it myself. i still hanging in there!

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    Just make sure to open SEPERATE tickets for all issue you have. This helps keep things clear and simple to address by the appropriate support people. I have found that once support tickets are open 3DC is responsive.

    If you want to post specifics about your problems you may find help on the forums while you await responses to your tickets.


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      You might also try live chat. I usually do that instead of submitting tickets unless I think it's going to be a more complex issue.

      Compared to my previous carts, I couldn't be happier with 3d support, even without the 24/7 help.

      Hopefully they get back to you soon!


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        Hi tigger,
        It took me about a month to get my site design, and functioning. Do not dispair. If it is a serious issue, you can also call the 800 number.
        I am with 3dC because of their customer really is what puts them above others.

        My best,
        Material Pleasures