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Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    I just wanted to say happy Thanksgiving to all, and wishing everyone has a successful holiday selling season. Also, thank you to everyone at 3dCart for your amazing product and support that is second to none.

    (Also I just wanted to bump the previous thread down a little because I didn't like seeing the angry title.)
    Laura Z
    Brass & Silver Traditions

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    3D Tech Support & Service

    We, LOL, rather I as President and Janitor wish 3D a Happy Thanksgiving and I am giving thanks I stumbled upon you. You were the only hosted solution who could or would provide a user reference directly in our line of business (auto parts). I used Coffee Cup, a large amount of "cut & paste" along with much "trial and error" topped with numerous calls to tech support to put our site up. Even paid $60 for "custom programming". Having sold mid level ERP, document management with DOD approved security, and high end CNC machine tool path software I look not for perfection but a cost effective solution. 3D is that and more.