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  • Customer unsubscribe request

    I recently sent out a newsletter to two groups of people from my customer and mailing list database:

    1. All mailing list subscribers
    2. All customers NOT on the mailing list

    I had a customer e-mail me and request to unsubscribe. She was not on the mailing list...she received the newsletter because she was a previous customer (part of group two mentioned above)

    How do I unsubscribe her? I like sending promotions or new product announcements to former customers (even if they did not sign up for the mailing list.)

    Two questions: Is this considered spam? If not, is there an easy way to make sure I don't send her the next promotion, per her request?

    Thanks for you help!

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    As a customer, if I did not opt in to get mail from you, then I would consider it spam. The general definition of spam is unsolicited email. So any mail that I did not request, I would consider spam. An easy solution which I have not done would be a checkbox on one of your checkout pages to add the customer to the newsletter mailing list. You can even have it checked true by default but you are still giving your customers the option to get the mailings or not.