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This Might Be A Dumb Question, BUUUUT:

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  • This Might Be A Dumb Question, BUUUUT:

    Hi All,
    Some person wants to order 50 of a particular GF Grill Stand (no grills though).
    We only ship within the US, and I'm trying to cover all of my bases to make certain that it is legit.
    Is it possible to obtain an IP from an e-mail that was sent?
    I guess I'll call the CC issuing bank as well, IF he/she places the order.
    Any other ideas?
    Thanks muchly,

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    The only thing I can think of is if you decide to ship it would be to pay for insurance and then require a signature for delivery. And OH. I would only deliver to the billing address. No seperate shipping address. HTH!


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      How about having the person place the order and track the IP they use? Then enter into


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        Hi All,
        First he said his name was Martini, then he said his "billing info" was Mavid Stuart.
        Then he/she came back and wanted me to contact "his/her" shipping person via e-mail, to I believe it was a gmail account. He/she wanted the stands shipped to Ghana.
        So I told the him/her No Thanks, and that that we only ship within the US.
        They haven't been back since then.

        Can you say: SCAMMER HAS BEEN BUSTED!