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  • Love 3dcart

    Everyday I discover something new in 3dcart, and all I can say is WOW. There is so much here, so many little features.

    I have complained quite a bit, and probably will again. It is the perfectionist in me. I just wanted to say here on the record that this is one awesome cart. :)

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    3dCart is way better than Volusion! And definitely more beautiful than BigCommerce.

    Definitely a piece of great cart software! 3dCart's immense beauty and template system is a developers and store owner's dream. =)

    The support here is amazing for a USA based cart. I don't quite understand how Volusion and BigCommerce get the more fortunate press. 3d is just a better cart, with competitive pricing. 3dCart is definitely a diamond in the rough these days! Its all marketing it seems... Because I think 3dCart definitely should receive more press for all its .ASP glory, stability, and quickness!

    Can't say that for volusions "LIES" marketing campaign: Analysis of a Lie - 3dCart Vs Volusion | 3dcart Shopping Cart Software Blog

    Glad to make the switch!


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      would love to see your store(s)


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        I LOVE it here too. I came from prostores and I thought that one was great, but now that I am here and have access to so much more, I am wow'd a lot. And then there is the response time from support, talk about FAST!!! Yeah, I REALLY like it here.

        Uta :D


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          We love the 3dcart as well, however, we have observed over the years that the focus moves away from basic ecommerce functionality and focus to an attempt to come up to snuff with bleeding edge technology, before they are ready.
          Simple, basic, ecommerce functionality is set aside, as they attempt to focus more on the social media aspect of Internet communications.
          We would prefer if the focus was on ecommerce functionality basics and less on social marketting. Just our opinion. You need to get the basic, ecommerce platform fully established and focused and functioning on the professional ecommerce functionality before exploring the social media outlets, flash and flair.
          Again, just our opinion, for what it's worth
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            yep, we are all 3dcart lover, otherwise would not be here
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