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    I checked my computer this morning to find a message from somebody who had taken a look at my store and complaint about my prices being too high (some other, not so nice words were used). Anyway, do you guys respond to theses types of messages? And if so how?

    I really don't feel that I should because I don't discuss my pricing strategy with anybody. If you think that they are too high, choose another venue. Nobody forces you to make a purchase at my store.

    What do you think?

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    I feel its always good to respond to customers. You don't have to go into an argument with them, all you have to say is to thank them for their input and inform them that you will pass their feelings to the powers that be. There is nothing worst than a mad customer that makes it their mission to bad mouth you on the net.


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      Usually this is a strategy that buyers use to get a deal on their purchase.
      If you wish you can respond to it and thank them for their input and send them perhaps a coupon code for their first purchase, like free shipping. or a percentage off... etc.
      But keep in mind some of these customer are hard to please. They may make the purchase and complaint and return or charge back.

      Most of the time I ignore this type of crm requests.
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        In all the years of me selling online, I had this happen once before. It was on eBay. A note with very similar wording. Because I was concerned at the time of getting a negative feedback, I responded in a logical fashion. The reaction I received was not the one I wanted. Instead of the customer leaving it alone and being appreciative that I did respond, she got into it with me to the point where I had to involve customer service on eBay. Abusive language, all caps, you name it.

        I think that is why I am leaning towards not responding this time. I think it is a lose/lose situation. All she can to me right now, is tell everybody that she did not get response. If I answer and it is not exactly what she wants to hear, she can post it everywhere...


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          If you can respond without getting emotional and that includes any other responses the customers send after your response it wouldn't hurt to respond.

          If the wording is very similar to your eBay incident it is probably the same person in which case maybe you shouldn't respond at all.

          If you do respond something very simple like:

          Our pricing is set to allow us to provide you with best service possible.

          We understand that you have many options to choose from when purchasing online and if you are willing to sacrifice service for price I am sure you can find another merchant to purchase from.

          or a simple:

          I am sorry our pricing does not meet your needs. If you need to purchase from another merchant because they have better pricing we certainly understand that.
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            Originally posted by View Post
            or a simple:

            I am sorry our pricing does not meet your needs. If you need to purchase from another merchant because they have better pricing we certainly understand that.
            Yep, this is what I'd do... thank them for the input and then move on.


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              Thanks to all of you who replied. I like the way you phrased the response. Acknowledging but not inviting further comments. I will keep this in my "how to respond to goofy people" folder and use it when I need to.

              Thanks, :D


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                I agree sometimes its best to ignore them! Someone whos being irate right off is not someone you want to business with!
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                  We've "fired" customers in the past. If all they want to do is give us a bunch of grief over every little thing, we'll tell them that we feel that it's probably in *their* best interests if they took their business elsewhere. Luckily in 7 years, we've only had to do it about 3 times, but it sure was a happy day when we got rid of them. :D