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  • Reaching 3DCart by Phone

    Hey all,

    First, let me say that I am happy with 3Dcart, and it is far better than our last e-commerce solution(Monstercommerce).

    Lately, with the increasing business, I've found it nearly impossible to reach anyone at 3Dcart. Tickets take a long time to solve, voicemails are left and not always returned, etc. This isn't always a problem, but when the problem is big(site goes down, etc), it is quite irritating.

    Anyone else have this issue? I think they need to hire!

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    Hey Rungreen,

    I too am a former (or almost former) MC user. I'm in the process of migrating my site over from MC. I hope to have it done within the next couple of days.

    I must say that I LOVE the 3DCart system and all of the flexibility that it is offering me in setting up my updated site. But I do miss the phone support at MC. Everyone that I have talked with at 3Dcart has been very helpful, but it would be great to know that someone will be there to help when I need it -particularly for the big things that you mentioned.


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      Have you tried Live Chat?

      It's worked for me several times when I have had quick questions, or issues that needed an instant answer.

      My best,


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        Good suggestion

        Thanks Dana for the suggestion. I took advantage of Live Chat (for the first time) this evening and it was exactly what I needed. I was able to get a couple of issues quickly resolved.

        Glad you made the suggestion.
        Best Regards!


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          Actually, it seems like this has only increased of late. There are some issues that have gone unresolved for us for days at a time. I really hope they do hire- it's a great cart but 2 or 3 people in support just dosen't cut it.


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            Hey Rungreen good to see you back on the forums! Like you, I like this cart but feel tech support needs to be more receptive to phone calls. Learning this software is key making the cart function. Each time I have called I always get the response to "send an email to support". How can I learn how to fix problems in the future when all you get is "your problem has been fixed"?

            3D...improve your phone tech support and your company will be able to compete with the best.


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              I agree. This shopping cart application would be much better if support was more responsive. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to slam the support group here...I just think maybe a larger staff would really help out. The current guys & gals are probably overwhelmed.

              I hope that once my store is up and running I won't need them as much...but it sure has been difficult so far.


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                Three times I've logged into support. Three times the icon ( ) indicated some in support was online. Three times...not a single response.

                Really, I'm not that high maintenance of a customer. I just like to receive the level of support that is advertised.


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                  At a given time, there could be 20-30 people trying to get live chat support, and depending on the number of technicians on at the time, you may get a message to place a support ticket.

                  Your best bet is to place a support ticket, you are free to try live chat, or give us a call during phone hours, but in the end, a support ticket will still need to be created, unless you have a "yes/no" question.

                  We don't have any guarantees on the time you'll have to wait to get on "live chat", but, i can promise you that if you place a support ticket, you'll get an answer to your question quickly.
                  Gonzalo Gil
                  3dCart Support
                  800-828-6650 x111