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    Regarding customer groups I am trying to find the best way to use them. If you have a good handle on how to use them, can you share your method?

    What I find a bit difficult to reconcile is how to put customers in a group, then issue coupons to new buyers and to customers in various groups. For instance, if I have three levels of customers:

    None: people who just made a purchase
    Retail: people who have made a purchase then put into the retail group using an automation rule
    Friends and Family: a special discount group for friends and family
    Wholesale: for businesses who can buy wholesale

    If I want to create a coupon for new and existing customers, it seems that I need to create two coupons; one assigned to group "none" and one assigned to group "retail"

    Is that correct?


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    I am have the same concern.

    I search everywhere on this forum, I can't seem to find any suggestion. I'm still trying to search online for few clues tho.
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