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    I have installed the mobile meta, but have a question for 3DCart Support regarding its functionality:
    1. Does the code ONLY detect a mobile device?
    2. Does the code provided by 3DCart relay a viewpoint & scalability function?
    3. Does the code send a 57x57 pixel for iPhone and iPad users?

    Since the number of mobile users that shop using their phones has increased dramatically, this is very important to know!

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    Sorry I don't know the answers to your questions, however I have one more in case a knowledgeable person stumbles on this thread.

    Is there a way to serve the regular site to I-pads?
    I-pads work better with the regular site, however the mobile site is served to them assuming they are mobile devices.
    There is a link on the mobile site that allows you to view the regular site, but not everyone will see it.


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      More on Mobile Media

      I really wish a 3D moderator would respond to my questions. I was alerted the the possible need to add other codes to address the 3D code limitations.

      Does the 3D mobile code not only detect a mobile device, but does it serve up the correct rendering based on the type of device being used?


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        You should contact 3dsupport with your questions. Problem is most likely you will get we can do this for you for $$$

        However if you mean if when someone with a mobile device comes to the site, would they see the regular site, or the mobile site. The answer is the mobile site. The script detects if they are using a computer or a mobile device and serves them the proper site, assuming you have the script in the <head> and you have the mobile site activated and set up.
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          I think they have configured a mobile theme that essentially conforms to all mobile resolutions.

          we're currently using it with some minor modifications i did. feel free to poke around it on a mobile device


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            Mobile Code

            I was delving into this after reading about the various configurations needed for different devices. There is no "one size fits all" for mobile coding. I had a free web service analyze my site and it brought to my attention the deficiencies within the 3D mobile code, plus offered suggestions and other lines of code to make my site more visible to certain mobile devices, predominantly iPad and iPhone. Can the 3D code scale our sites correctly? Change the display from horizontal to vertical? I was a bit concerned as to whether there might be conflicts if the additional code was installed and have no way to check. One of the sites that got me thinking about the mobile rendering was Web Grader. Read their page on mobile phones. I was hoping a 3D moderator would pop in and clarify. Is the 3D mobile code able to detect and render properly for ALL types of mobile devices? If not, which ones can't it render properly?

            Does this forum have a monitor that can respond?


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              if( navigator.userAgent.match(/Android/i) ||

              navigator.userAgent.match(/webOS/i) ||

              navigator.userAgent.match(/iPhone/i) ||

              navigator.userAgent.match(/iPod/i) ||

              navigator.userAgent.match(/iPad/i) ||

              navigator.userAgent.match(/Opera Mobi/i) ||

              navigator.userAgent.match(/Opera Mini/i) ||

              navigator.userAgent.match(/BlackBerry/i) ||

              navigator.userAgent.match(/Nokia/i) ||

              navigator.userAgent.match(/SymbianOS/i) ||

              navigator.userAgent.match(/Windows CE/i) ||



              These are the phones 3D supports. I could not find any reference to viewpoint/orientation in the .js code being used, but javascript is not my forte'. It appeared there was a scalabilty function based on "1".


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                Originally posted by celebra1 View Post
                Does this forum have a monitor that can respond?
                Best thing to do is call support and open a ticket, the forum is NOT monitored as a support venue.
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                  also found out today that if you link someone to a page and they click said link via a mobile device. It sends them to the homepage. Awesome....


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                    There needs to be some kind of conditional redirect based on browser type. The way the mobile site is coded now, no matter where you enter the site the javascript detection sends you to the mobile home page.

                    If you visit a Gawker site (like Deadspin) on a mobile device, no matter what page you go to it redirects you to the same page formatted for mobile.

                    Ideally, we would just need to create a CSS file for mobile and the condition becomes "if this browser is detected, use this stylesheet", but because our sites rely so heavily on tables that's not going to be possible for most merchants.
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                      so far the only way I've been able to work around that is a direct mobile link.



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                        Mobile is beyond us at this point, we have implemented absolutely nothing and we were going to have 3D set it up for us in 2012.

                        My only contribution here is a story about a BIG family get together a few months ago. While sitting around this very big table and taking turns going around telling everyone what was new in one's life we "came out" about our new business. We were finally ready and felt the site looked nice, had enough product to please and had social media. Business cards all around and I thought that was that.

                        Everyone, I mean everyone! went for their mobile devices like gunslingers (this IS family so many ARE gunslingers). To our amazement, Droids, bBerries, iPhones, iPads (I think my older sister has a holster for hers) ran the site just fine. I was holding my breath cause I hadn't expected their response. No problems. Vertical, horizontal, links into products, BUYING (yes some bought on the spot - others a week or so later) no problems.

                        So. I'm left thinking - what's all the fuss on the web about "Get our app to watch the news, weather and sports"?

                        Not going to touch ANYTHING for awhile....

                        My 2 cents, hope it helps.


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                          the mobile experience is a different one, it's not so much that the pages dont display as they should but a different user experience people start to expect.

                          you dont need an APP so to speak, but a mobile optimized site is a HUGE marketing tool.


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                            iPhone 4

                            Slightly off the subject, but the mobile app is not working properly on the new iphone 4s. I can't get the categories or pages to open when you scoll down from the initial opening view.

                            Anyone else notice this issue? I have submitted a ticket but....


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                              Mobile Optimized Site

                              Gaelen, do you have any advice regarding optimizing for mobile? Should I create a separate mobile version, or will the 3D code be sufficient? I expect to have my xhtml no tables site enabled soon. Should that be good enough "as is"?