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  • Upload Product Updates Automatically?

    Does anyone know how this can be done? We'd like to upload our product files without having to log into the browser, etc.

    The API allows for updating stock levels, but nothing else (and no new products, either) - at least according to the documentation. However, we know that companies do update products via the API since we pay one to do that now. Their feed isn't reliable in terms of data quality (and they don't seem to know what they're doing, either, as they succeeded in wiping out our database a couple of weeks ago).

    So, is there a secret API call out there 3DCart decided not to include in the documentation, or what?

    Let' s hear it, Gonzalo. We'd rather not have to automate our browser and do it the hard way.

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    Well, it took us about three weeks, but we finally have the updates working. If anyone wants to know how we did it, I'd be glad to share some pointers. If anyone would like to buy the code that does it so they can manage their inventory feed without having to pay companies like Inventory Source, then we can talk about that, too.

    Reply to this thread or drop me a line at [email protected].