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How to locate Shipped orders which have a BALANCE greater than $0.00

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  • How to locate Shipped orders which have a BALANCE greater than $0.00


    We manually capture our shipped transactions since there's no way to automate it within 3dcart. Because of this, human error can occur and an order may go un-captured even though it was shipped.

    So, my question is: How can I run a report or export a list of SHIPPED transactions that have a BALANCE greater than $0.00? I need to know if myself or an employee has mistakenly forgot to CLICK the CAPTURE button. If so, then we know which shipments we need to go back to and capture.

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    I know this is an old thread, but we just encountered this. Very frustrating. In my other cart, you can do batch captures. Also, it has an easy report for orders that have a balance due. Has anybody figured out a way to get such a report? We will probably end up changing our online payments to sale rather than authorize it time of order.


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      Definitely an issue that we are dealing with. Our fix is to run a report within our gateway ( of unsettled transactions. It will list out the order number of every order that is authorized but not captured. We do this twice a week to catch any of the missed captures.




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        Usually in your CC processor configs on their website, you can specify to Capture Only, or Capture and Settle. Just have it set to Settle immediately...