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  • International Sales - Do You Do It?

    Recently, I discovered that I didn't have to go to the post office in order to send International Priority Mail, despite what the postal worker told me. I was only shipping domestically because I didn't want to go to the post office and stand in line.

    Now that I know that I can ship internationally without too much hassle, I ask the question... Is it a good idea to configure the cart to accept foreign shoppers? If so, is there some countries that should be blocked?

    Thanks for your input.


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    Originally posted by EXRN View Post
    is there some countries that should be blocked?
    We ship worldwide. However, if you are using USPS or any "Postal" service to ship I recommend NOT shipping to Italy and of Nigeria. If you use a Freight forwarder (i.e. Bongo) then no restrictions as they make sure the items are delivered with Tracking and confirmation.
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      You can ship to Italy safely - just ship the parcel registered mail or express mail. Registered has a 4 pound limit.

      The Italian citizens know their mail system stinks.


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        We "baby step" on international and one of the reasons for coming here was to open some other countries. First started Canada to get familiar, most of this year we've also had Australia and New Zealand. No problems so far. We have made sure this site has no products on it that can't be shipped to the countries before adding them (content/size etc.), and are complaint free. Our other USA only site has hundreds more products. Some countries have a lot of restrictions so adding them on our terms seems best. We had a inquiry to ship a $100+ USD item that had like a $15 max family import limit. Looking at UK next but have one product we can't ship there (Mfgr rules) so have to decide how to proceed on that.