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After using 3dcart for almost a year...

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  • After using 3dcart for almost a year...

    I may start looking for an alternative cart. The truth is it has been a decent system for the most part, but I feel 3dcart sucks when it comes to customer support and improvements. When I started using the service I had tons of questions and most of their reps were lost. I had to fix many things on my own.

    - Every month I'm over my limit on bandwidth and paying extra here and there.
    - iPhone web commerce still doesn't work, yet they market it as if it did.
    - Sales tax on my state requires tax rate by county, something as simple as this is still not available and we ask and ask and they don't care. They rather have some expensive 3rd party try to sell you an overpriced service for paying sales tax, give me a break.
    - I'm sure 95% of the people use a or endicia and I asked MONTHS ago to implement a simple copy button to the shipping address, nothing.

    This may sound like a rant, but it should be a wake-up call to 3dcart to step their game up and listen to their customers.

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    I go over on my bandwidth too. After looking over competing carts, 3dcart isn't charging more for bandwidth than most of them.

    I haven't really tried to get into the iphone stuff.

    I have no problem just copying and pasting addresses into endicia... do it all the time when I need to do one address here and there. When I do several at once (which I do daily) I just export the addresses and import them into endicia... have you tried that? Works great! PM me if you need help finding where to do that.

    The Tax/county deal isn't applicable to me either. Sorry about that. If that's something you have to have, I hope you find a solution.

    3dcart isn't perfect for sure... but from my research the perfect cart does not exist. I will chime in and say I've been very satisfied with 3dcart overall and recommend them to others.
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      Ref: After using 3dcart for almost a year...

      Hi iBoost,

      I would like to introduce myself to you and anyone reading this post. My name is Fernando Panjoj and I’m the Chief Customer Officer for 3dcart. My main goal with the company is to address the needs of our customers and to ensure that they have great customer experience with 3dcart.

      I came across this old post and noticed that you had some concerns with the lack of customer support received from 3dcart. I want to apologize for any inconvenience that you may have encountered earlier this year. I can assure you and anyone else reading this post, that I’m here to listen and address your concerns.

      We have introduced additional Add-Ons into the store, as well as rolled out bug patches. Throughout the year we have also upgraded the store to version 4.11.1, with recommendations provided by our customers. Our customers are able to voice their recommendation by submitting their request here:

      Besides providing our customers with a dependable product, our other focus is to provide you and all of our customers with the best customer experience as possible. Please feel free to click on this hyperlink and see what our customers are saying about 3dcart.

      Customer Service Is Our Top Priority | 3dcart Shopping Cart Software Blog

      My email address is [email protected] and please email if you have any issues or concerns. We will continue to listen to our customers and make sure that you have a positive experience with 3dcart.

      On behalf of 3dcart I would like to thank you and everyone reading this post for their time, and we appreciate your business.

      Fernando- Chief Customer Officer