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Live chat instead of customer service phone number?

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  • Live chat instead of customer service phone number?

    I have small children at home during the day and was wondering if offering Live Chat instead of a customer service phone number would be acceptable to customers. Do you think I will lose customers if I don't provide a customer service phone number? I am okay talking to customers on the phone, I just worry if they hear children in the background it would be unprofessional. Thanks for any feedback.

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    You will loose customers in both situations. Unfortunately if you do not provide a phone number you will loose some customers because some people prefer to talk with someone over the phone.

    On the other hand you will also loose people if you come off as a professional business and they hear kids yelling in the background.

    I have sound proofed by home office with insulation in the walls and a solid wood door which works well. But if your kids are young and need supervision this might not work for you.


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      Customer Service Number is very helpful - consider having one that goes to voice mail directly with a message indicating that "the agents are busy and to please leave a message or contact via LiveChat/Contact US page... " or something like that. You can return calls when you don't have the background noise.

      Many buyers do not want to use the chat feature, as it asks for name, email ... etc. and they do not want to provide that just so readily.

      We have a toll free number and the Live chat, the phone rings far more frequently than the LiveChat.
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        Lots of variables but a listed # is a confidence thing. The customer sees it and know they can call.
        We have a toll free # and list it boldly on the header here and on the contact, cart and checkout on our big site. We have customers email all the time and ask questions We answer then say you can email back or call toll free also. 9 out of 10 email back. We literally rarely have 10 calls a month on it.

        1) post the #, find out if you actually have calls and if it's even a problem.
        2) If your obviously home based (hand crafted items for instance). Say so. Gives us a call but don't mind the kids!

        2) noise cancelling mic headset, likely cheap on amazon and probably good solution since you could hear them better too.


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          Thank you all for the feedback. I don't think most of my customers would think my business is homebased so I think my best option would be to post a number and see what happens. I actually own a noise canceling headset, so what I will do is let them leave a message, come up with a plan to keep the kids quiet and then call them back when I can. I guess I will just see how it goes. This is a very helpful forum, thanks again for the advice. :)