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Kudos and a huge Thank You to 3DCart!

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  • Kudos and a huge Thank You to 3DCart!

    I myself have been innactive lately (due to a busy schedule), but I still check the forums EVERY night. Just like many others (I assume, we read but we don't add input).

    I must say, these forums have really come alive with some great information - mainly due to Jimmy from 3DCart answering and getting involved with site owner's questions and concerns!! A great BIG thumbs up!

    Communication from the inside, no matter if it is just a few memos, newsletters, forum involments, emails, etc., goes a loooong way with site owners. At least we feel that we "are not alone and defending for ourselves". I also understand that for the company (3dCart) this can be hard to do as it requires extra time, people and exposure to problems and the "so-called" embarrassment of the mistake that follows. But I believe that admitting and/or addressing problems gives a company a huge respect - because they are communicating and not hiding!

    What I am seeing in the forums lately is very refreshing and uplifting as a site owner. I just hope it "stays as the norm" for the future! I have been with many ecommerce companies that start interacting (on a temp basis) just to put out fires, and then **nothing.... sigh! I just hope it at least "somewhat" continues to be the norm. Hard to do, we know, but you will reap 10X.

    Thank you 3dCart, I really do appreciate the latest involvment!!!

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      Thanks for the Kudos Barry!

      Jimmy Rodriguez


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        I couldn't agree more - it's been great having Jimmy on lately.
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          Ditto from me!


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            Ditto as well!
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