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    What's the best way to stop sites from hot linking?

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    I've been doing some major reading and research on "hot linking" because I mean, really, when we permit our content to be shared, through addthis, Pinterest, etc., are we not allowing our content to be "hot linked"?

    Here's just one link I found in my googling for hot linking, there are many many more, including lots of forums, discussing this same topic.

    Content Sharing with Pinterest and Tumblr Raising Blood Pressures | Stock Photos Blog

    are the images, etc. that people pin, share on tumblr, facebook, twitter, etc. truly hotlinked?


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      Different Scenario

      In my case an online business in the UK is linking to certain resources I have, not to share socially, but to use them as their own. When a customer on their site clicks the link, they are shown a page on my site with info I added to my site from a manufacturer's site. They could have downloaded that info themselves from the manufacturer. Instead, they link to mine. They have done this to several of my resources. I discovered this by researching Webmaster Tools in the section listing the sites linking to mine. Links are good, generally. Links for the purpose of "stealing" are not! They are not promoting my site or products.


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        Bear with me cause I'm not html savvy or anything but can you modify the .htaccess file??? I had people taking my info and hotlinking on my blog page and so I added "hot links" on certain part numbers that brought them directly to my site. It didn't stop the hot linking or bandwidth theft, but I at least got traffic and some sales from it

        I ran across this, maybe it will be helpful, again I'm not sure if we can modify an htaccess file?

        How to stop image hotlinking and bandwidth theft | David Airey, graphic designer


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          Resolved Issue

          .htaccess works with Apache servers. 3D runs Microsoft servers. After speaking with a few friends and 3D Support, I have put IP blocks on offending sites. It was the easiest to deploy method. That should slow down the bandwidth theft!

          How This Discovery Came to Be:

          I was told of a scheme that resulted in huge AdWords costs. I'm sure all of you have seen "directories" of ad links that draw in searches for particular words or phrases. Every time someone clicks on an ad of yours that hits these directories, you get charged. Going one step further, some of these "directories" hire people to do searches for keywords and click on ads all day that show up in their "employer's directory". As an example, I had a site linking to mine that was a directory of ceiling fan sellers. I do not sell ceiling fans. I do have the word "fans" as keywords in a few products.

          So I started investigating sites linking to mine to find out what they were linking to. I found several unofficial "directories" and several "keyword spy" sites. I blocked all. You might want to investigate sites linking to yours. Since I started this campaign to block bad links, my advertising budget has stabilized. I'm fairly certain my bandwidth issue will too.