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Save login info on iPad/iPhone

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  • Save login info on iPad/iPhone

    Tired of typing my UN and PW to check stuff.
    How do I get my pad and iPhone to save my UN and PW?

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    Hope this helps

    it turns out Apple does actually include a little-known password autofill function for iOS -- it is just switched off by default, as a security measure.
    To enable password autofill on your iPad or iPhone, go to the Settings icon > Safari > Autofill...
    How to: save passwords in Safari on the iPad/iPhone - Flights | hotels | frequent flyer | business class - Australian Business Traveller


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      Nope, tried that and more.
      It works on some sites, but it seems 3dcart won't allow one to save the info, or let any pc, Mac, iPad, or iPhone save UN and PW. (kind of like when logging into your bank)

      Actually, now that I think of it, my Mac has saved the info. I go to 3dcart admin (page) and my UN and PW auto fills, but not on my iPad or iPhone.

      I can't be the only one that uses an iPad/iPhone to log into the backend?


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        Tried on my end with a couple tablets and my phone, no go. Contacted support and they say that admin is not allowed to save pw and user because of PCI compliance so it shouldn't save using any browser, mobile or otherwise, unless you're utilizing an app outside the browser to remember the info. The PCI compliance thing made perfect sense. Still a PITA, but it makes sense


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          Wow, thanks so much for working on this.
          Yes, to bad...but strange how it does work on my Mac desktop.
          Thanks again for helping in my search, much appreciated.


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            I could never get it to work with my tablet or phone either, or my android tablet, or my fiance's phone, or my daughter's HTC, my friend's Iphone, her Ipad, blah blah blah but thought it was because I was messing with someone else's "equipment" and didn't want to mess too much. My desktop Win7 won't save the log ins for admin either


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              Works with Mercury Browser

              Just wanted to give a heads up that I use a browser called Mercury on my iPad and it saves my admin login info so I don't have to retype it all the time.

              It's a pretty good safari alternative.