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  • Facebook Store?

    I posted earlier and I'm guessing it was removed, I posted in the wrong forum maybe? So I'm posting in chit chat, see if anyone has suggestions.

    Am wondering what everyone is doing for a facebook store? My 3dcart was a splurge for me and I got it partly because of the facebook store. I can't afford to pay for another store now just so I can have a facebook store and I'm wondering if anyone has found any good solutions for getting their product to their facebook page?

    For those who are wondering why I'm not using the 3dcart app, it's because it's not secure and facebook will only show it if you're using unsecure browsing, and since 99% of facebook users are browsing sercurely, I am thinking the 3dcart app is actually doing more damage than good being as it looks like an empty tab to all but a tiny minority.

    Am hoping others have found some decent solutions so I can get my product back on my facebook page....cheaply, and preferably without too much time invested =( Appreciate any suggestions-


    edited to add all of a sudden the facebook stores can be seen with secure browsing again! Is it a bug, is it a fluke, is it fixed, I'm just glad it's up, thankyou 3dcart!
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