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  • No new updates?

    Not a complaint, just more of a curiosity - looks like the last update released was April ...whatsup? Anything in the works that is big and taking a few months to release?

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    I was wondering the same thing. This might be the longest gap ive seen in the last few years. Could also just be employees on vacation and its easier to maintain as is.

    Theres only 1 thing on uservoice marked as in progress. Thats insurance on single checkout.


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      It's been about once a month on average. We are at one month and three days right now. Well within the margin of error. :)


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        Last update was in April, we're ending June so we're almost at a full 2 months no updates - unless I am missing a post lol.


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          Yeah the last official update was (at least that I see)

          04-20-2013, 11:59 AM
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          Default Release Notes - April 2013
          Release Notes - April 2013 (5.4.1)

          That said there are always little things fixed here and there. I saw something last night that was recently fixed. Cant remember what now that im trying to remember......

          Hopefully theres a good one coming :) I know there are lots of great ideas on uservoice. If a handfull of them get added and some of the known bugs get squashed Ill be thrilled.


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            Oops, I keep thinking that June is month 5. My subconscious' way of trying to extend the duration of Summer.


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              No update for 60 days and folks begin to wonder what the problem is? We are moving from Volusion where you were lucky to see one update of consequence per year! Heck, we have open tickets that are 577 days old. (really!)

              I am not used to this.
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                Hahaha, I'm not concerned just curious - they are typically month to month and I always look forward to seeing the improvements :P


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                  During IRCE they made mention of some huge improvements coming in the next few weeks....

                  (paragraph 5)
                  3dcart?s Inaugural IRCE Experience is a Huge Success | 3dcart's Ecommerce Blog
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                    Oh snap, well that explains that! Thanks :)


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                      Any idea of when they will be rolling it out?


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                        Version 6.0

                        We've been working really hard during May & June in our 6.0 version update and couple other improvements to the 3dcart platform that will be released during Q3.

                        The 6.0 release includes some great updates to existing features, Dwolla and Bitpay as payment options, and major enhancements to our Paypal integration with the addition of Reference Transactions (to PP Express, PP Pro, PP Advanced and Payflow). There are also 3 completely new modules, Purchase Orders, Products Q&A and Gift Wrapping.

                        The new version is currently in the testing stage and will be deployed around mid July.

                        We'll make an official announcement later this week and will do our best to have the release notes published before the official release date.

                        Jimmy Rodriguez


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                          Thank you so much for that info. Can't wait to see the new features!


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                            Awesome thanks! Looking forward to it


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                              GIFT WRAP!!!!!! Hooray! I have been begging for gift wrap since coming to 3dCart. Can't wait!
                              Laura Z
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