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Huge Resellerratings price increase

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  • Huge Resellerratings price increase

    Did any of you (who use Resellerratings) get a notification today that your monthly rate is increasing? We received an email, telling us that our $99 monthly fee (already too expensive imo) will be skyrocketing to $199/mo.

    I was already contemplating cancelling the service, so this would seal the deal for us. My only concern is what happens to all the reviews that we have amassed up to this point? I would hope that any reviews collected during the time that we were paying for the service would remain intact, but I can't find anything in their terms and conditions that states this one way or the other. Has anyone else canceled this service and if so, what happened to your reviews?

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    I cancelled them two or three years ago when the price went from $39 to $99.

    My reviews are still there although they don't come up high in Google searches anymore: Alfred E. Bike Reviews - Ratings at ResellerRatings

    For what its worth, when I contacted them to cancel they immediately me offered a discount from the new rate (although still higher than new rate).

    I don't regret canceling. They seem less relevant now that Google does their own reviews.


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      I agree with onering. I cancelled when they went from $39 to $99. They did offer me a discount, but in my opinion it wasn't worth it. At $199 I doubly agree.
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        I ended up cancelling today and starting a trial with Shopper Approved. Much, much less expensive and it appears to have more features.