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    I have been watching my Analytics closely for months. I managed to get my bounce rate under 5% consistently for months. On Oct. 20th the bounce rate started going nuts without me doing anything out of the ordinary. Around that time my checkout started spinning at the shipping and shipping calculations started being understated.

    I put in a ticket and was told they did something to increase "stability". I temporarily switched to one page, but have switched back. There haven't been any customer complaints since. So I'm thinking the bounce rate "may" be related to another issue.

    I realize Google released a new algorithm, Hummingbird, and don't understand if that could b the issue or if it is coincidence, since I'm not clear as to what the new program aims to "fix". As far as I know I haven't done anything "wrong". It seems very strange that SUDDENLY I could go from a less than 5% bounce rate to currently hovering around 60%.

    Is anyone else seeing wild jumps in your Analytics data since 10/20?

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    I checked our bounce rate throughout this year and we are running 50-60%. 5% just seems wrong.


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      Yeah, 5% seems unobtainably low. Some events on a webpage will cause a visitor to not bounce no matter what. Could have been some errant javascript that made GA think there was no bounce happening.


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        Javascript Conflicts

        Your javascript point caused me to remember that on one call to Tech Support the tech said he'd have to refresh my javascript.....That could very well explain it. I went through my GA stats again, taking it back to 1/1/13. The problem has been going on for a LONG time it seems. At least there is an answer. Now to lower that figure....Thanks cbsteven.