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4 tickets today no answers?

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  • 4 tickets today no answers?

    I just got off the phone with Ozzie in support who promptly communicated to the server admins that I am Unable to access store via FTP - thousands in inventory that can not be listed without images -support blames my 30 gig download Comcast connection even though 3dcart is the ONLY site timing out - I'm trying to run a business here - this is just plain irresponsible

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    Are you using the FTP successfully with other sites?
    Laura Z
    Brass & Silver Traditions


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      other sites

      Yep for one thing I upload 3 - 6 images a day to Facebook and no one thinks about it but that's FTP. We also keep data on a GoDaddy server and that pops right up in filezilla - I do know for 4 years I've been able to FTP to my 3dcart store until last night - why do you ask?


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        FTP fixed kinda

        FTP now working with Filezilla

        For 4 years the host has been (Filezilla) - any idea why the host changed to on 1/30/14?

        I'm guessing some hacking went on and security protocols had to change - 3dcart is terrible at communications so we'll never know

        batch upload still corupted


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          If you'd care to email me your ticket numbers, I'll do what I can to expedite a quick and amicable resolution.
          Thanks for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience our response times may have caused.
          Bryan Shaw
          Community Manager at 3dcart
          [email protected]