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  • Does Hosting Matter?

    In your opinion, Does the hosting service really matter? Other than uptime/downtime and payment flow what else is there?

    The reason I'm asking this is because I'm getting a lot of offers from other E-Commerce carts lately. Maybe they see my SSL expires in July and that would be the time to move. Volusion seems to be at the top of the offers and the rankings.

    Like everyone we all get aggravated at one time or another. Just looking for someone's opinion about this matter.

    Heck for that matter, I could probably just say the heck with it all just be happy with adsense....


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    Well yeah, in cases like 3dcart, the e-commerce provider you choose IS your hosting provider. Reliability and security are at the top of my list, regardless of whether I'm hosting a blog or a shopping cart. Every shopping cart is going to have different features.

    Maybe I'm not understanding the question.
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      Reliability and security are paramount, but features, support, timeliness with features/bug fixes, etc. are also high on the list. As a designer, I've evaluated a lot of shopping carts and actually pick the eCommerce solution that best fits my clients. Obviously, if the provider has too much down time, they are immediately off the list because no matter how awesome your store is, it doesn't matter if your store is always down.
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        I guess what I'm getting at, is some carts advertise that their customers "sell" more than others using other carts.

        I can see the down time, security, etc. If you use a merchant service, PCI compliance is a must and of course up time/ down time.

        So really other than the added bells and whistles that each can offer with each plan, it's just talk, or "sales talk".

        Thought about jumping ship and going to another cart, but I came across many disturbing reviews so maybe not....


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          Hi Dave,

          I normally don't reply to posts in the forum, but your question inspired me. In fact, I think I may write a blog post about this question later... I do work for 3dcart, no secret there, but if you researched me, you'll see that I have over 20 years experience in eCommerce, and I owned two companies that I sold, and they were pretty big companies too. So I've been in this industry all my life really. When I sold my company to in 2009, I had decided that South Florida is where I wanted to live. I fell in love with 3dcart because of how great our product is, and how awesome the people who work here are - and I'll always appreciate the opportunity I've had to contribute to such an awesome product...

          3dcart is truly one of the best eCommerce platforms on the market today. When you see a shopping cart make a claim "our merchants sell more", sell more of what? That is such an arbitrary statement. Just like "we're the best", best at what? I wouldn't be surprised if 3dcart's merchants "sold more" than what these other carts claim, but how do you quantify "more".

          This being said, there are some things I can tell you from experience...

          Uptime does matter, and it matters a lot. You will obviously sell less if your website is offline, it's pretty common sense. This is not a problem here at 3dcart, our uptime is way above average.

          Hosted solutions matter... You NEVER want to have a shopping cart that is not a subscription service. I could write a book on this one. The MAJOR reason is security. I've seen so many merchants over my career open ecommerce websites on basic webhosting accounts, only to see their webhosting accounts get hacked and all their work destroyed, along with their businesses... When you're on a hosted platform like 3dcart, your website is a part of an ecosystem where the actual source code that runs the websites is guarded by an infrastructure that does not exist in the normal webhosting world... The other reason, I've also seen so many merchants have "a web guy" build their ecommerce cart using software like OS Commerce or Magento. A few years in, their website takes off... The web guy disappears or quits, and the merchant now has a shopping cart that has been modified so much that no other developer can pick up the pieces where the previous guy left off.

          I'm rambling, but I think you get my drift... You're in good hands here. What you need to do to sell more is to find ways to engage customers. How do you become an authority with your product line? How do you "get people talking" about what you do, and how do you get people to remember your website? It pays to be creative. :)


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            And I guess you probably know it wasn't this company that made that claim.


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              3dCart is not into BS, and when they make a claim, it's real. It's a refreshing way of doing business compared to other cart providers, that are more smoke and mirrors. My belief is this is because the founder, Gil, is a programmer, that is still involved with the company. When you interact with their CTO, Jimmy, I get the same feel of working with a straight shooter type, that are not into BS. Claims of higher sales per cart, are smoke and mirrors and measuring Apples and Oranges.

              With 3dCart, I don't see uptime as a major issue, unlike other carts. Same with site speed (response time). Both are major positives of 3dCart. There are areas that can be improved for the 3dCart platform, but site speed and uptime are currently not issues.

              On hosted vs. non hosted, the market place has moved to hosted solutions, right or wrong. There are positives and negatives to both approaches, and I have done both over the past 14 years of running my E-Commerce stores. I prefer a hosted solution now, it reduces the amount of headaches so I can focus on my business.

              On why a hosted solution. With the liability issues due to credit cards, and all the horror stories of hacking, I appreciate dumping this headache onto somebody else. PCI compliance is not for the faint of heart. The other positive is not having to worry about your hosting. Hosting is a huge headache. 24 x 7 Tech support is another huge feature, as well as getting software updates. The negative is you need to pay monthly.

              The positives if you host it yourself, usually you pay once and you own the software. For a small store without a lot of products and if you don't mind the technical headaches, this may be the best solution. If your a larger store, 3dCart is a great solution.

              >I guess what I'm getting at, is some carts advertise that their customers "sell" more than others using other carts.


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                You don't have to sell me on 3d cart. I'm already sold, I just couldn't understand how a cart can make a claim that their customers "sell more"; and yes, sell what?

                I've researched a lot of companies; good & bad, read way too many forums and reviews. If I spent more time working, less time reading, I'd be rich!

                They do a good job here. I'm not leaving. I was just fishing.

                I thought it was refreshing that someone within 3d replied to this post and talked about 3d cart. Nice Post.



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                  I think it is quite possible for one eCommerce platform to "sell more" than another platform, everything else being equal. But it would be very hard to prove it.

                  Think about the checkout process - a streamlined checkout might increase your conversion rate by a lot. I increased my own conversion rate by about 25% by really focusing on my checkout pages. So one cart's default checkout may have a better conversion rate than another cart's default checkout.

                  Features like auto-emailing a customer who abandoned their cart, etc, can all contribute to "how much you sell".


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                    Selling more is a claim that is used all the time and can be backed up by data. If you talk with an organization who is making the claim, ask them to back it up with data. They will usually show you conversion rates percentages. The key is to look at the store before and after launch.
                    • Was the conversion rate a result of functionality change?
                    • Was it a result of overall site was redesigned?
                    • Was it a result of improved hosting performance?

                    Have the company explain the reasons for the increase. You will learn if they are playing 3 card monty or if they really know ecommerce.

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