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No Privacy Policy for Solicitation Emails?

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  • No Privacy Policy for Solicitation Emails?

    I thought that 3dc had a privacy policy in place so that our personal information, email addresses, etc. we NOT provided to 3rd party vendors, etc.

    Today I come in, frustrated with my day thus far, to find an email from 4-Tell Software letting me know that they're partnering with 3dCart and offering me a discount on Personalized Recommendations.

    Maybe just the mood I was in initially on opening the email, but this is not the first time I've been solicited via email or 3dc's pm system soliciting my business, nor the first time it's rubbed me the wrong way. I know, hit the delete button and be done with it, report spam, I have options, but I guess it's the principal. I DON'T want my information freely given to anyone without my express permission (and what will THEY do with my email address since I have no agreement with them on the use of it) and if I were looking for such services, I'd certainly post in the forums and get other users' experiences and recommendations.

    Is there no privacy policy where my personal information is not freely given to new 3rd party vendors touting their products and services for 3dc users?

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    Hi Toobusy,

    I'm sorry that this 3rd party app developer is sending you spam.

    I assure you that we don't give your email or contact information to ANY 3rd party, never have, never will.

    However, it's very easy to get your contact information from for example domain whois or your contact page.

    Thanks for letting us know about 4-tell aggressive marketing strategies, i will discuss this with their CEO and make sure that they stop this behavior immediately.

    While I can't guarantee you that a third party will contact you, if they do and you did not initiate it, please let me know via email [email protected], (or update this thread) as this is not something we want any 3rd party app developer doing.
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111


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      I can confirm that I got this same message this morning.

      I have also reported it as spam.


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        That can't possibly be true. We have 20+ different sites hosted through 3dCart and I get 20+ solicitations (usually by phone, unfortunately) at least once a month from a 3dcart partner of some sort. Our customer service team knows once they get the first 2-3 that another 15+ are coming that day... you can't imagine how disruptive it is.

        Furthermore, one store is tied to our customer's email & phone (we run stores for other organizations looking to offer branded merchandise) and they get harrassed from time to time as well.

        I complained to our rep, and things got better for about 6 months, but now it's back to the same craziness again.

        We have plenty of other stores on Volusion and other platforms, and have never been solicited -- so it can't be that somehow vendors are scraping domain records.

        Thank you,


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          Hi Ryan,

          I am the CEO/Founder/Owner of 3dcart, I can guarantee you that we never gave your info (or any of our customer's info) to any third party provider.

          I've expressed my disappointment to 4tell and asked how is it that they got Toobusy's information, the answer was:

          "We have obtained a list of retailers by platform, including 3dcart, who we are emailing periodically. Our email states in the footer that we obtained the list by independent means. "

          I did a little research and found a few companies that do this. Companies like infoanalytica will spider the web, scrape your information from the site and or WHOIS then sell it to the highest bidder it appears.

          I just got a call today from an SEO company, solely because I registered a domain. I did it as a test, fake domain, no website, used a Google voice number about 3 weeks ago.

          Just like companies used to just use the yellow pages to cold call businesses, they are using companies like these to do the same, targeted somewhat as you can specify the location, platform, who they registered the domain from, etc.

          I'm sorry you guys are getting spam/calls, please, never buy anything from someone that resorts to these tactics.
          Gonzalo Gil
          3dCart Support
          800-828-6650 x111


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            We get a phone call a day from Bongo. Have never given the slightest indication of any interest in their products. Successfully market and ship internationally.