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How do you handle customers providing wrong address

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  • How do you handle customers providing wrong address

    I am tired of UPS address correction charges. Some customers will leave out an apartment number, transpose numbers, etc and we are hit with a $12 address correction charge.
    We validate all addresses with the US Postal Service database, but that does not help in this case.

    Do you charge customers? Do you have any ideas on how to prevent it in the first place?

    We have a checkbox that they have verified the shipping address for accuracy and everyone checks it whether the address is right or wrong!

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    I would add a field during the checkout process stating something like "Please check address for accuracy, make sure apartment number is included"

    Also make phone numbers mandatory. We do get a few return to sender packages. All part of the online business.


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      We have a line at the bottom of the check out page that reads in bold.

      "If the shipping address supplied is incorrect and we are billed an address correction fee by the carrier, you will be responsible for paying this fee."

      This seems to have helped.

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        Every time you see an "A" or "Z" AVS response, you can send an email to the customer to ask them to verify their address. You can save time by utilizing one of the custom order statuses and then editing its associated email. Then all you have to do is change the order status and the email will go out to the customer.
        - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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          Thank you all for the suggestions.

          I redid the checkout questions on Step1 based on the suggestions as you can see in the image. These are two questions with the second being a radio button without options.

          Still the problem as usual is that careful people that do not make mistakes may be put off by this, and the other type of people that go about life not paying attention or caring about inconveniencing other people, just ignore it, and then fight you if you try to actually charge them.
          I hope this helps, as I am tired of paying UPS $12 on a $20 purchase on top of the original shipping charge.

          Dean, AVS will not catch a wrong street name, or a missing apartment number. At best it can verify house number, and zip code.
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