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3dcart Support down?

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  • 3dcart Support down?

    I haven't been able to get ahold of 3dcart support through phone or chat. In fact, both phone numbers I have seem disconnected:

    I have an open support ticket and it's exceedingly urgent, so after waiting a couple of hours with no reply back I'm trying to get a status update. I hope that their hands aren't full with a bigger problem at the moment.

    Has anyone else tried calling them within the last hour? Similar results?
    Webmaster: Texas Media Systems

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    Chat was offline last night around midnight or just after, haven't tried today because I haven't had time to mess with the FB store which was what was giving me fits yesterday. Any love yet from support?


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      Phone Service Working Again

      The phone number is working again (1-800-828-6650). I'm on hold now.

      It's hard not to worry about every little snag when You've been unable to access your site all day.
      Webmaster: Texas Media Systems


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        Ref: 3dcart Support down?

        Good Morning TMS Clint,

        I apologized but we had some phone issues yesterday. Are you currently having issues with your website? If, so can you please send me the support ticket number and I'll make sure that we get this addressed as quickly as possible. Again I apologize for any inconvenience that you had to experience.

        Fernando Panjoj- Chief Customer Officer


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          I don't know what is the point of 24/7 support if it is only level 1. The most important support is for urgent more complex cases that need the Admins.

          Many of our customers cannot get to checkout and now it is three hours later and the ticket (Ticket: #DGC-208-14487) has not even been assigned to any one. Level one is saying it might take 48 hours for someone to look at it.


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            Jimmy took care of this on Saturday evening. Thank you.


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              Can't log on to online support

              I just tried to log on to online support -- have it set to "remember me" and all I ever have to do is just hit the login button. (logged in yesterday, as a matter of fact) Today, I try it and it says "Invalid email or password"

              Okay. Tried a different browser. Same message.

              Tried "Lost Password" page, type my email address and captcha code, get a message which says "One of the required field(s) is empty"


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                Hi mimib,

                We added a Google custom search to the online support page. Can you please clear your cache and browser cookies and try to log in again. My Training Director also encountered the same issue, but he was able to log in after deleting his cache and cookies. Please let me know if that corrects the problem for you.

                Thank you,
                Fernando- CCO


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                  That did it! Thanks!