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Product groupings to make mixed cases

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  • Product groupings to make mixed cases


    I've looked through the knowledge base but cannot find a topic that relates to my problem. I would like to group products together in such a way as to offer discounts and/or free shipping if a specific number of products in the group are added to the cart.

    Example: I have 50 products that I sell by the case of 6. I'd like to offer the ability to create mixed cases of these products so that with every mixed case of 6 you get the same discount and/or free shipping that cases of the same product does.

    Would that require custom programming? Or is there some function I'm overlooking that could accomplish what I want to do?

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    I'm in a similar situation, albeit not with 50 items, and the compromise I used was to have one product for all of them, and use "Quantity" options, where each of the item is an option and they can enter the quantity they want. Then when configuring the product, I set it to have a discount for x or more.

    I'd love to have something like what you're looking for.