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  • SouthernBelle
    Finding strong keywords for the items I already sell...

    Anyone know of a free site I can use to research longtail keywords for items I already sell that will show me the number of monthly inquiries and the number of competing sites. Google keyword search only shows me monthly number of searches and competition in "high, medium or low". Low could mean 1,000 or 100,000, it is relevant to how many inquiries there are for that specific search term.

    Right now, I am including keywords that have low competition but a minimum of 500 monthly inquiries. I know 500 doesn't seem like a lot but right now just getting a piece of that 500 is better than nothing. However, if "low" competition in google terms means 500,000 with only 500 searches -- that is not a good idea for me. Just trying to determine what "low" means.

    Thank you for your help.

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  • SouthernBelle
    Thank you for the replies. I sent a private message to a couple of you with my site address as I do not want to post it on the forum.

    As mentioned, still trying to better identify my store; as I cannot be everything to everyone. 90% of the items I sell, have something in common with each other but this is a competitive category.

    Some things I have done to separate myself from the competition are:

    *free shipping all the time
    *reward points
    *easy 1--page checkout
    *no login/registering on site needed to purchase

    Also for items I sell, as I mentioned before, I am spending more time identifying keywords to use. And I have only recently started to write my own page titles and file names using those keywords.

    Still in the infancy of my business, I am also looking at logos and color schemes to use. But in the I said, better optimizing my site.

    For those of you who I private messaged my site address, any additional feedback you can provide will be grateful appreciated.

    Lastly, not having my own SSL certificate -- do you think that is hurting me as well?

    All the best!

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  • mondo
    Yes a link would help in a lot of ways.
    One question might also be is are you getting any sales from your visitors?
    If even with 300 or so visits a month you should be getting some if your site is targeted to those 300 and user friendly.
    As you mentioned you may need to change focus instead of trying to be all.
    Last edited by mondo; 01-24-2013, 05:16 PM.

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  • vswebdesign
    SouthernBelle...why don't you post a link to your site? Maybe we can provide some feedback. Like elightbox mentioned, having a good store is a big part of the picture, but SEO, and marketing (email marketing, social media marketing, etc) can always help.

    One of my clients reached out to a company called Web Marketing Therapy and they helped her get her business off the ground. They helped not only with determining the right content for the site and SEO data, but helped her formulate a marketing strategy.

    Good luck!

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  • fernando
    Good Morning SouthernBelle,

    I wish you the best in your new venture. If for any reason you have any questions about SEO, you can always submit your question on Submit a Question | 3dcart Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and either one of our SEO Analyst or our Chief Marketing Officer- Joe Palko will respond to your question. Wishing you the best!

    Fernando Panjoj- Chief Customer Officer

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  • SouthernBelle
    Thank you for your advice

    Thanks for the advice. I wish I knew what I know now when I started my online business. Unfortunately, I am in a very competitive segment and because of my ignorance, I did not know that when I started out. Still trying to do more research on keywords and competitiveness to add products to my store. Funny thing is that I find some keywords with high competition but low search results -- obviously, I am not going after those. As far as Google advertising goes, I could only use longtail keywords since the head keywords for my site are way too competitive and costly. Also for Google or Yahoo, I would rather come up organically in the search results although I do understand the need for putting money towards advertising. When people do come to my site, I have tried to lift any barriers that would prevent them from purchasing such as free shipping with no coupon code, 1-page checkout, no need to create account. Needless to say, I still have abandoned shopping carts. One thing I have not done is to have my own SSL certificate, rather than a shared one with 3dcart. Perhaps this prevents people from purchasing? I know I need more backlinks and a blog on my site. I did have a blog using blogger but no visits. The more I have read about blogs, I now understand the importance of having that blog on my own site. Also I sell a lot of products on my site but I planned it that way so that I could later have more of a niche, if there really is one anymore. So, I have 2 options. Quit now or continue to learn and be better and understand that this is going to take a few years to get the number of backlinks I need, get better ranking in Google and better better zero in on my 'niche'. I don't mind putting in the work, I just want to make sure there is a silver lining at the end of this.

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  • elightbox
    Dear SouthernBelle,
    I am glad you are being persistent and trying hard to learn html and SEO, and continue to work on your site. Depending on your market, merchandise, competition, etc..., the amount of visitors will vary greatly. Then once visitors come to your site, a whole set of other variables determine whether they will become shoppers or just bounce right off your site.
    You have to look at both parts holistically. One will not work without the other. You can have the best site with the best prices and products, but without visitors it will not be a success. And the flip-side is just as true.
    Look at your competition, check prices, shop your site, and make friends and relatives shop it. Listen to customer feedback, continually improve.
    As for visitors, get your name out there, blog, use social media, do videos and optimize your site. These will help, but in a very highly competitive field you might need......... Google AdWords, and Microsoft Ad Center to give you that push.
    Think of your web site as a brick and Mortar retail store. You need to pay Rent. Stores all over are paying rent and prospering. Better locations, will pay more rent and get more customers. Well, I think of Mr Google as my Landlord. I pay high rent but we get high good quality traffic in return, and trust me when I say that Google is still much cheaper than what we paid for our retail store for the same amount of return.

    Unless you are in a unique niche with a unique product that is in high demand and with little competition, I would say you need to advertise to get good returns. The standard retail motto is about 1% of revenue for advertising. Being new, you need to front load your spending to kick-start your business.

    Maybe I am old school, but this works for us. I hope it gives you some perspective and that it helps.

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  • SouthernBelle
    started a topic Newbie



    I have been stalking the message board for sometime w/o ever having to register until now. Need some support, please.

    I started my website in March of 2011 and it is not going very well. Everyday, I think about quitting but also, everyday -- I do learn something new about SEO or html. Some of my long tail keywords are FINALLY ranked now, so I consider this progress. But I get like 11 visitors to my site a day.

    I have a 10 year plan, not a get rich quick plan. But was hoping for some type of shimmer of light to continue to work hard (as in sales). Not big sales, but sales that increase month to month and tell me that I should continue to work hard and stick it out. Not looking for a bag of money, just enough right now to pay my overhead (which is not much).

    Just asking for some success stories you all can share so I can continue doing this. Thank you kindly!