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Is anyone else getting ignored?

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  • Is anyone else getting ignored?

    I submitted a support ticket 3 days ago, have kept replying to it to "bump" it, tried live chat (the icon said they were online), only to be told no one was online, and left a message on toll free number.

    I've yet to receive any sort of response to this particular ticket. They helped me out with some other tickets I had opened, but I haven't gotten any response at all regarding this one (except for the automated response one gets when it's first submitted).

    If they are working on the issue and it's takes a while, I'm okay with that. All I'm asking for is some kind of response...a simple "we're looking into it" would suffice.

    Anyone else having similar experiences with the support here?

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    Let me know the ticket # so i can look it up and see what's up.
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111


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      Ticket # JSW-767656


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        "have kept replying to it to "bump" it" doesn't sounds like a good idea since older tickets get higher priority than the new ones and by replying to it you're just moving it to the bottom of the list.


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          Thanks for the advice.

          I hope they would look at the "created" date of the tickets to figure out if a ticket is old or new...and not the "Last Updated" date.