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Answering service recommendations?

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  • Answering service recommendations?

    Can anyone out there recommend a good live answering service?

    I need to fly out of town for a few days and am thinking about setting up a basic answering service while I'm gone. I already use Ringcentral's auto-attendant, but I find that many customers aren't satisfied with calling one time and leaving a vm - they will keep calling over and over again until they either get a live person or give up trying.

    I figured having a live person answer might relieve some of the stress. Anyone have any experience with these services?

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    I use Solid Cactus to answer phone orders and customer service calls - they do have a minimum of $150 a month and a small set up fee. They have quite a few 3D Cart customers and are familiar with the backend.

    I have many seniors who order from my site, and they just prefer to pick up the phone and order many times. Because I work alone and can't be ready to take calls all of the time, I began using them and love the freedom they offer me. If I didn't have as many phone orders as I do, I'm not sure it would be worth the expense, because most of the customer service issues just get escalated to me anyway.