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Invoice numbers skipping

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  • Invoice numbers skipping

    Has anyone had a problem with invoice numbers skipping? Our numbers just started skipping yesterday. Again, today they have skipped several times. I have put a request in with Tech Support, this is a big problem for us. We do not want to keep assuming an order has been placed and go looking for it, just to find out that it is nowhere.

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    Some uncompleted orders are assigned order numbers. If the customer finishes the order at a later time, you will receive an order with an out of sequence number.
    This has been the standard way the cart works. Probably you just did not notice it prior to this week.


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      That's correct, when a payment is submitted, an invoice # is needed to be passed to the payment gateway. If the order is declined, it will stay in incomplete, but the invoice # is taken up, so the next order will appear to have skipped a number.
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