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  • Listen up Developers at 3D

    I learned today from my support ticket QYW-840-54767 I have lost the option to delete abandon carts in the non completed orders section of the store.

    I can get a hundred abandon carts over the course of a weekend, having the ability too delete them brings me some joy. Please bring it back.

    This is 3D's response to my ticket.

    Due to popular demand, order deletion has been removed. However, the automated processes concerning Not Completed orders have not changed. They will still hide from the store after 30 days, and automatically delete after 60.
    Time Well Spent

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    The 3D Cart users like myself must have made a roar. Shortly after my post here, a reply to my ticket.
    Looks like we got more feedback after the change. I've just confirmed that your store had the order deletion batch actions restored. I'll be confirming if this is a platform-wide change, but consider your small enjoyment restored!
    Thank you 3D Developers.
    Time Well Spent


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      I usually have about 500 abandoned carts over the 30 days they remain visible. If I delete them does that mean if my customer comes back, their cookie no longer is valid and they can't see their cart? Not sure why you'd delete it in that case? I have customers come back later to buy. Is there something I don't understand about deleting them that is of value?
      Pat Cotter

      The Preemie Store


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        How could the removal of this feature ever be by "popular demand"? Weird response.


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          Just curious what value is there to deleting these carts? I assume it also disrupts the shoppers active shopping cart.

          Maybe I am missing something and would love to hear it.




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            We often have customers who start placing their order and don't complete it, but later place their order on a different computer. This leaves their original order in the Not Completed section. We monitor that and delete the duplicates so these customers don't receive the Not Completed order email. We purge the carts filled by bots as well, because they distort the abandoned cart data.
            Laura Z
            Brass & Silver Traditions