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Custom login or custom landing page for customer accounts

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  • Custom login or custom landing page for customer accounts

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone has been able to accomplish one of these options, before we start digging into the code too much. We have several customer groups, each of whom have categories and products that appear just for them. Ideally, we would like to showcase certain products or even messages to those groups when they log in, instead of the generic My Account page. Here are options we're exploring:

    1- Create a unique login page for a customer that would then take them to an extra site content page that applies to them? In other words, the login would be for a specific customer group only, and then on submit would take them to that specific customer group page, rather than the my account page.

    2 - Use the standard login page and direct them to a specific page based on their customer group that would have wording for that customer group and show some products just for them. For example, a customer logs in and instead of going to the My Account page, they go to a Category (or page) that is only available to that customer group.

    3 - Have custom wording on the My Account page that ties to their customer group. For example, identifying which customer group they are in with a link to start shopping via a Category or Page only available to that group.

    Customer support has indicated these are custom options, not possible with the existing code. Any suggestions? Anyone else done this or similar?

    Thanks, Tom

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    Options 2 or 3 would both be reasonably easy to do. #1 might be too but I'm just not sure off the top of my head.

    The key thing is the [price_level] variable. When you put this in your frame.html (maybe other pages too, but since it works in the frame.html you can access is anywhere) which show what the current pricing level is for the logged in user. So it will be a number from 1-10.

    Are your customer groups tied to a specific price level? If not, then I am not sure what the solution would be.


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      The customer groups aren't tied to price levels, they're actually tied to specific products that are only available to those groups. Although I suppose we could use a price level set at the same price if that's needed.


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        Other suggestions?

        Anyone else have a thought or solution? Thanks!


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          I am about 95% sure that the only real solution that could be done on your end would be to tie pricing levels to customer groups and work around it that way. I've investigated it before and there is no way to directly extract the customer group variable from the front end.