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  • Let's get to know each other...

    After reading the post by AirBears and Company in the "New Feature Request" forum, I thought maybe there should be a thread started (and possibly a forum created) for all of us to introduce ourselves, our stores and any other info we think might be interesting or helpful to others.

    I'm pretty active in some other message boards related to my business(es) and this type of thread has always been popular. Let's not look at this as some kind of shilling thread, but more like something that may help us all in the future. I'm sure there are quite a few services and products offered by other 3dCart store owners that I could use...and maybe one day some of you may need the services/products I offer.

    My store is not yet live, so I don't think it would be proper for me to publish the URL yet....but I'll definitely add a post with a short introduction of myself and my business. If your store is live or you want to share it nonetheless, feel free to post the URL. Otherwise, a little description of your store, experiences, etc. just might be beneficial for all of us.

    Of course, if Gonzalo (or anyone else at 3dCart) feels this kind of thread is inappropriate or against a rule I haven't seen, I apologize for being an instigator. I'm only trying to think of more ways to make this forum more interactive and find ways that we can all garner more benefits from said interaction.

    I look forward to learning more about you all and I hope you participate.

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    I'll start this thing off (unless someone types quicker than me and posts before me ;) )

    Anyway, my name is Matt and I'm the owner of Inviting Ways in Walnut Creek, California. Inviting Ways is a small family business that does Invitations, Announcements and all other Personal Stationery. The URL for our store in Walnut Creek is

    As I mentioned before, my store is not yet live so I won't post that URL. But if I'd love to get to know some others here and provide it to them via Private Message so that I could get some feedback on the design/processing/etc..

    My online store is going to be kind of like a spin-off of our brick and mortar business. In the past, a big part of our business has been "imprintable" invitations...meaning invitations that have some kind of a design but can be easily customized (either by us or the customer can do the printing on their own...everything we sell is Laser or Ink Jet compatible). Lately, that part of our business (locally) has slowed down, and I've come to the conclusion that more and more people are buying these kinds of things online. It's not as if no one is having Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Anniversary Parties, etc.'s just that buyers are now much more comfortable shopping online.

    Anyway, that's probably more than enough for now. I'm sure I could go on and on with more...but I'll try and spare you all (unless requested :D )

    So if any of you are planning a party or need some stationery (in the near future), please let me know if I can help (I'm also available for just advice...I won't require a purchase for my knowledge :p ).

    My parent's did a tremendous job of creating and running this business since 1983, and I look forward to my part (utilizing technology and the internet) in continuing our tradition of excellent customer service and outstanding quality.

    So...who else is out here?


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      well...this certainly bombed :o


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        Hello everyone,

        My name is April and I own an online store called We sell personalized stationery, invitations, announcements, and writing-related gifts, (i.e. memory books, journals and pens). Sorry Matt :)

        We are located just outside of sunny Orlando, Florida about 10-15 minutes from Disney World.

        After spending over 10 years publishing memory and gifts books, we decided to make the switch from manufacturer to retailer.

        My husband/business partner and I are also in the process of opening another unrelated online store using 3Dcart within the next few weeks.

        I've mentioned this before, but we switched from MonsterCommerce back in October and although I can't say anything bad about their system - switching to 3Dcart was a good move for us and a better fit for the type of products we sell.

        I thoroughly enjoy running an online store, but it certainly is harder than what people think and what it looks like from the outside. Each day is an opportunity to learn something new.

        Well, there's just a tidbit about us.


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          I'm just curious...why don't people feel comfortable participating in a thread like this. Another member of the forums told me it might be because search engines may index this message board, but why would that matter? Is there something I should be concerned about regarding the search engines finding the info I posted? Thanks.


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            my name is steve... i run (a 3dcart store) and (an oscommerce store)

            on the other side of those things, i am the design director for ythe loacl abc affiliate in san diego, and also am a freelance video editor/graphic deisgner. on the side of that i am a dj for 13 years, and am trying to learn this thing called golf.

            the chargers will lose to the patriots, and no country for old men should win the best pic award.

            my favorite drink is johnny black and soda, and i enjoy call of duty 4.

            need some design work?


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              Hello All,

              This is a good idea and I admire you guys for starting it. I just selected 3dcart from many of my other choices because of its features and everything that I can do with it. Although I have webdesign, and graphic design experience I am uncertain how to integrate the shopping cart into my website so Steve if you want to help me with some design work and some site publishing that would be awesome. Oh my business is an apparel company that I started for wakeboarders, snowboarders, and skateboarders. High quality designs at a decent price. I also do marketing for companies and work in the mobile phone industry. I would be more than happy to extend my services or my products to anyone in this forum. My website is also not published yet but should hopefully be up and running within the next week or so. My name is Josh and it is very nice to meet all of you!

              Thanks and Happy Posting!



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                Hello All,
                My name is Ben, and I own Above All Wholesalers, Inc. (aka:
                We've been online for about 4 1/2 years now.

                We sell all sorts of items, from small kitchen appliances like George Foreman Grills, to Wizards Professional Automotive Detailing Supplies, to Collectible Pocket Knives.
                We literally have something for everyone, or at least I hope we do. LOL...
                We will be adding many new items in the coming weeks too.

                Anyway, I am in the process of moving our site from M/C to 3DCart.
                We have completely re-designed our website, for our upcoming launch with 3DCart.

                Should be up and running in about a week or so (FINALLY).
                It only took me about 2 years to get this done...


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                  Hey Ben,

                  I remember you from MC forums. Welcome! I've been with 3Dcart since October '08 and haven't looked back. Can't say anything bad about MC, but I'm glad we switched - I love the functionality of the 3dcart shopping cart. Also once we switched our indexing and ranking with Google went up dramatically. (Could also have something to do with the aging of our site - but I do attribute at least part of that to the 3dcart setup). We still have a ways to go, but it's helped our business quite a bit.

                  Best wishes to you!


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                    I also think this is a great idea. Unfortunately, I have been away from the boards for awhile.

                    Alright, so my name is Sarah. I own and operate The Dancing Daisy, and strictly Internet retail store that specializes in wedding accessories and gifts. I opened my store alittle over a year ago, but I just moved to 3dcard back in November. It has definitely been a good move, that I am very happy with.

                    Yeah, so that's about it! Happy Posting! :)


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                      Well - I missed this thread entirely...but clicked on new posts today and it came up - I'm glad you started it!

                      My name is Janice (otherwise known as J-Lynn) and I am an Artisan jewelry designer (sell online, and wholesale to a variety of upscale boutiques in the mid-atlantic region - hoping to expand...), and also known as the Jackie of all trades (so my friends say) :) . Have a degree in Music Ed from many moons ago, and have made a variety of career stops on my way to being self-employed (Administrative, Tax Para, Retail Management, and my last stop was doing the marketing and PR for a well known fabric & craft company - more from a relationship style of marketing :) - since I'm people oriented, I like boards where you can share and help each other.

                      Since late 2001, I have been self-employed (prompted by 9/11), in an effort to enjoy my life more, de-stress, and be home for the family. I started an online business for Home Decor/Baskets and did well with that (but recently decided I couldn't do two things, so shut down that one and subsequently sold the business name/domain), so that I could soley focus on the jewelry end of things.

                      Look forward to chatting with everyone - it's nice to know a little bit about everyone! Happy 3Ding.