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Buyers who have or tried to burn you

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  • Buyers who have or tried to burn you

    I dont know if there is a community forum regarding this, but how about we use this thread to list customers who have frauded you or who have attempted to fraud you? I think it would be a pretty useful thing for webmasters, especially if you get a fishy order. Say for instance today a guy tried to buy 10 of the same item with 5 different credit cards (all denied).

    Name: MARK POBEE
    Address: LABADI STREET A154 LA S.M.T
    State/Province: LABADI
    Zip Code: 00233
    Country: Ghana
    Phone: 0277082026
    Email: [email protected]

    I think it would be great, seeing as these forums are searchable, and if people post complete info, it could cut down on our losses.

    Any takers?

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    This site is the best I have found. It fits what you are looking for.


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      wow, thanks. i knew something like this had to exist. only thing is, is that they have php errors all across the whole website.


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        Who can't relate to this guy... Here is an email from today.

        All I can do is apologize to those of you who depend on the member
        area of the site for fraud screening. We've been down since Sunday
        for what should have been a reasonably easy migration, in spite of
        the reservations that I had. I've always been a firm believer in "If
        it ain't broke, don't fix it." I went against that belief and now
        we're all paying for it.

        For some reason unknown to me and the gurus at the new site's tech
        support, there is something from the old server that isn't playing
        right with the new one. It's somehow related to how the database is
        seeing the authentication from the code on the site. Nobody can log
        in - not even me.


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          oh god. been there done that. i feel his pain.