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  • Wish List, gone from new Forum

    Is there a place to suggest New features or ask for modifications of the Cart. I know 3dcart people read the forum, and Posts on the Wish List here were seen even if not commented on or implemented. Now this section is gone.
    I went to User Voice, and the last comment from 3dcart there was on June 23, 2012 by Gonzalo Gil. I feel like I am wasting my time posting there.
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    Absolutely. My experience is that 3d not only doesn't want to hear about new features, they don't even want to hear that existing features don't function as described. Appalling really...


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      I think the new feature request is here:

      but I'm not sure how often they look at it.


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        Hey all.. just to let you know.. I have received a couple of emails from 3d about this lately where certain feature requests were moving into the approved / planned stage. I also want to point out the 3dCart blog post in which they commit to higher levels of forum / user voice monitoring, and seem to be honoring their word IMHO. Here is a link to the article: - I hope this helps.. please keep those suggestions coming! And ask us to vote for your ideas if you want / need some support. Thanks.. Andrew
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