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Marketing/Advertising Online Store versus Brick & Mortar Store

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  • Marketing/Advertising Online Store versus Brick & Mortar Store

    Okay, here's the deal. My store is open for business. But I wanted to get some of your advice here. Hopefully some of you have a brick and mortar store along with the online version since that's where I'm struggling.

    Technically, now I have two websites. Should I only market/advertise one of them and just hope people go to the one they're interested in? My original site is geared more for my wedding business and more of a local focus. The original site has a direct link to the new online store, but I just can't decide if I should market the online store separately. The online store is going after a more national market with very little focus on wedding invitations. Any advice? Should I think about a "splash page" giving users the choice of which site to visit and just market the url for the splash page? Keep in mind my funds for advertising/marketing are limited (especially during the tough times that seem to be upon us).

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    We have had pretty good luck with trying to make the differences between online and retail as seamless as possible to the customer. We don't have two distinctive product lines like you do, but had my original company bought out a competitor in 2006. Both had very strong branding recognition for our niche market.

    I'm not sure what the SEO implications are, but it sure sounds line a splash page with both would be best. Then you can market your strong company that has these TWO great product lines.

    Would a national market hurt your wedding invitation business? It would seem like it can't.