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  • Frustrated with vendor

    I have a vendor who I buy a good amount of merchandise for my business. Recently they were bought out by another company, and when I placed a order a couple of days ago, I was contacted via email and told that they could not fill my order unless I provided a storefront address as they don't ship to residental locations. I responded back stating I am an Internet business, and I don't have a storefront. I also asked why they are implented such a policy, and are willing to just get rid of a loyal customer.

    The response I got back did not answer any of my questions, but stated that the ship to other Internet businesses but all of them have business addresses. I find it hard to believe that I am the only business owner whose business addess also happens to be a residential address. If I am than they just don't know about it. I am not even sure how they knew mine was a residental also.

    I am so frustrated and totally pissed off. I have been a loyal customer since my business opened. I run a litgitimate business. They ship UPS ground, so I see know logical reason why they can't ship to me or why they wouldn't want to. I mean they are literally throwing away good standing customers. No matter how I look at it, it seems like horrible business practice. At this point even when I expand outside of my current business location, I will not be utilizing this vendor.

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    if they don't care about you, then you could simply find another company to work with. otherwise:

    try po box.

    you also might be consider one of the following


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      Wow...You would think that the new business owners would at least "grandfather in" any existing customer base of the former owner.

      I don't know how important their products are to your business. But are there any competitors of theirs that you could take your business to? If not, what about talking with those higher up in the business?

      I've run into a few suppliers who told us the same thing - that they would only ship to a storefront. I guess suppliers sometimes feel torn between appeasing their brick and mortar accounts (who feel threatened by the price wars that can occur between them and internet businesses) and making their products available through internet-only businesses. I think when a supplier takes the time to establish good MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) pricing policies this helps to keep this from happening.

      Maybe this is why this particular supplier has chosen to only ship to storefronts. If they are critical to your business, perhaps try getting to the bottom of why they've chosen to do this. If any of the above reasons come into the conversation, then maybe offer and agree to follow whatever MAP pricing policies they want in order to help "keep the peace" between their brick and mortar stores and their internet retailers.


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        Call them and ask to speak to the VP of sales. Explain your situation, reiterate the amount of business you do with them monthly or yearly and invite them to check out your website.
        I've had this same problem with a couple of vendors and once I've done the above, they've all come around.
        Good Luck... it's frustrating, I know.

        ..Marisa - miva merchant store, est. 2001. - 3dcart store opening late April 2008.


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          Sorry, I haven't been around on the boards on awhile.

          Just as an update to this post - Company basically told me they didn't care, and were not willing to make an exception, or grandfather me in for that matter.

          I personally find this to be horrible business practice, and it is a shame that a great company sold to a company that isn't even close in comparison. Regardless, I decided if this is ok business practice for this company, it isn't a company I want to do business with anyway.

          Thank you for all your input!