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New site - anyway to tweak checkout page to view all shipping rates again

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  • New site - anyway to tweak checkout page to view all shipping rates again

    Getting our site rebuilt right now and checking things out - not complete yet but see an issue. Our current site displays all shipping rates in the checkout page with folks having to click a "refresh rates" button to view either ups or usps. Looks like with the rebuild we now have the refresh toggle switch per se again. Need to have it so all rates are seen. Many of our customers are older and also many foreign folks who now call the U.S. home. Having folks have to toggle to see the rates is not good - I need them to be able to see all rates not click on the refresh rates button to then see USPS and vice versa. I'll attach a screenshot which only shows ups rates and then to see usps rates they would have to click the refresh rates button. Any way to may all these rates display as our current site does? Thanks!
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    yes..... Need to change <div name="divShipping[OPTION-SHIPPER]" id="divShipping[OPTION-SHIPPER]" class="ship" style="display:none;"> to <div name="divShipping[OPTION-SHIPPER]" id="divShipping[OPTION-SHIPPER]" class="ship" style="display:block;"> on whatever page shows shipping during your checkout process (checkout-singlepage or step2)

    the change is display:none to display:block



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      Jeff - thanks! Site will go live in about 2-3 weeks and still a bit of work to do on it prior to rolling it out! I really do appreciate the coding. I'm just hoping once it rolls over to our admin, I can find things as it's half the battle trying to find coding locations:)


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        Cudos to [email protected] .... so simple and so effective ...thanks