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Has anyone used a 3rd party product uploader?

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  • Has anyone used a 3rd party product uploader?

    My company has 10k products to upload within the next year and is taking FOREVER. Does anyone know of a company that will upload products for you? I know this is random but I feel i'm not the only person that has had this issue.
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    You mean populating all the fields for all those products is taking forever, right?
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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      You can download the CSV template from 3dcart (Products --> export/import --> Products Import template.

      Use Access or Excel to structure your existing data into the same CSV format as the template. Upload it to 3dcart and you're done except for some fine tuning.

      If you have 10K products, there's no good reason to be doing them all by hand. Surely you have your data in some form somewhere.