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    The last week we have had a couple of customers from Canada complaining that they shouldn't be paying duties on shipping costs. On the customs declaration form, we only put the value of the products. On the invoice inside the total includes shipping which is a line item.

    Just wondering if anybody else has had this issue and what you do?

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    Are you sure they are paying duties on shipping cost? Canada post will charge a handling fee to collect duties and taxes currently 9.95CDN. UPS and FedEx have brokerage fees.


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      If you're using UPS I know there's what is called a "brokerage fee" also assessed on the package before it can be handed over. Inquiring with UPS I'm told it's their fee to "babysit" a package over the border. I won't ship UPS into Canada because of those complaints and I lived in Canada for four years and everything that came in UPS, including a video my sister sent on VHS tape, was charged a $35 brokerage fee before they'd hand it over to me :-( Not sure about FedEx or DHL. USPS there is no additional fee


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        We learned about the UPS brokerage fee the hard way. We only ship via USPS for international orders.


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          FedExAir includes brokerage and if you ship a lot, your representative can arrange a discount often as much as 68% off.


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            UPS also has a flat brokerage fee of $10 for orders under $200. Your rep should be able to set you up.