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3dcart admin clicks very sluggish

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  • 3dcart admin clicks very sluggish

    I was wondering if it is just us, or a widespread issue. I noticed in the past several months, when I click on a prompt in the 3dcart admin pages, the command does not go through, so I need to click again. On any other website I can click and the commands are responsive. On 3dcart pages, I find that after clicking, nothing happens then I need to click again. It is frustrating and adds needless time to do normal daily tasks.

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    I thought it was my computer, but when I open a new tab, you're right, click works perfectly and spontaneously, no lagging. Same here on the forums, it gets sluggish as well for me.


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      Yes we have been experiencing the very same. I thought it was us too. We are operating it on 2 computers and both have the same issue. It is extremely frustrating and slow!!


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        Been noticing that since at least early 2016.


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          I'm sorry there're multiple merchants experiencing this issue. Has anyone submitted a ticket to support reporting this? If so please list the ID's and I can investigate further to see what could be causing the slowness in the admin.