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    Anyone know of a decent company that does product photography?

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    Hi Joe,

    I do all this myself, it is very easy if you have time, especially on smaller products.

    Learnt all the tricks of the Pros' from YouTube, which is very informative and step by step.

    My first setup cost me $30 AUD, and does the same job as the more expensive $200 setup I bought, just less convenient.

    I have listed a few links but there are so many. Some are very detailed and some very simple.

    How to make a cheap light box -

    How to make a cheap setup and some detail about light -

    Product photography and photo editing -

    If you don't have a photo editing program, there are many free online ones that will do the job you need.

    Good Luck,


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      Decided to purchase a ready-to-go lightbox online to do our own pictures. Not having luck with companies that do product photography (poor customer service).

      Purchase was made here:

      Just sharing this in-case someone else is interested.