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    Why am I being signed up to automated newsletters from 3rd Party 3dCart Apps????? This is definitely not the first time! Its always from companies listed in the 3dCart app store. Below is the latest from Convictional

    This is getting very annoying. Are you guys giving out our emails?

    Well its not allowing me to post the full string of emails sent to us

    My Store team,

    I researched My store and I do think there are a few ways we can partner be it dropshipping, wholesale, EDI, or integration projects ERP connectors, etc. of any kind.

    As a 3dcart partner, we also offer services designed to help B2B companies with their challenges. I'd love to hear how we can work together to help you grow your business and solve any technology challenges.

    How can we help?


    P.S. If you haven't already, check out our 3dcart B2B automation app here.

    Chris Grouchy
    Senior Director, Convictional Commerce

    See what others are saying: Convictional recognized as a "Top B2B Disrupter"
    Read the latest blog: What is the future of B2B commerce?

    Tue Jul 03, 2018, at 9:29 AM Chris Grouchy [email protected][INDENT]Hi My Store team,

    I've reached out a couple of times to discuss My Store approach to B2B but haven't heard back yet. Based on my research of your 3dcart store, I think we could help you receive more orders with less effort/time
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    I would also like some clarification on this, as well as instructions and/or the opportunity to opt-out of sharing my email and contact information with partners. Who should I talk to about this?
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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      We don't give any information to these companies, i believe they are using something like to target platforms. I am afraid we can't force them not do it, however, we've kicked out a few partners in the past that have done it. I will bring it to our partner manager so he can reach out to them and ask them to stop that,

      Gonzalo Gil
      3dCart Support
      800-828-6650 x111