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  • Sales Tax Report?

    I assume all webstore owners have to collect and then remit/report Sales tax for orders from customers within their state. I see a report for Sales by State, but we need to provide tax collected by local area, so this high level report is not very useful. I do not see any other report that provides detailed information about Sales Tax collected. Is there anything in 3DCart that I am missing? If not, other than using a 3rd party (or add-on), what do small companies do to gather this information? thanks!

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    I went with Avalara and my plan is to generate sales tax reports with them (haven't done it yet). I am very low volume so I am on their lowest plan. I am having issues with Quickbooks though and am having to set up individual sales tax items for every darn local area. CO opened up a huge can of worms with these new requirements and we have so many jurisdictions. AAARRGHHH.


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      You can create a custom order export with whatever info you need, then sort the orders by city and/or zip.