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  • Is this good stat

    in 5 month i have got 150 order
    out of those 150 order i had to refuse 40 because name and address verification fail

    0 chargeback

    i got those 150 order from 6600 visite <--- this look pretty low
    and like 400 incomplete order most in step one but some like 50 on step 3

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    I wonder why so many stopped at step 3? Do you email the customer to see if they had a problem. We get a lot of orders too, and when I see someone who left at step 2 or 3 I send the contact customer email. A few of the times they actually came back and placed it or called over the phone. The majority have had a problem with 3dc shipping module. Which I have a support ticket in "AGAIN"

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      That is a pretty normal % for abandoned carts. The ones you are losing in step 3 are more of a concern - they are paying at that point though - what payment options do you have, do you reassure them it is a secure payment, are your shipping fees too high?

      MissHTML - what are you referring to in the shipping module - the fact that only one shipper's prices show at a time? That's what I don't like...
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