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  • very disappointed with cart

    I am at my wits end with 3dcart. I have worked really hard setting things up and thought I was pretty much getting to the point where I could start listing my products and now every time I try to edit my theme and in other areas as well I am just logged out. If it is going to be a constant battle with all these technical issues I just don't think I can stay. I wonder if I can get a refund? I am so unhappy with this product. :(

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    I tried a few carts and all of them have some quirks and annoying things that occur or things one can do that another cannot. I wouldn't give up just yet. Its always a /facedesk #screaminginside experience with a new cart.

    As far as the getting logged out issue. Have you tried setting your Admin Session Time Out to something longer? I have mine at 8 hours before it logs me out because I am always working, but not always in the 3dcart screens. I'm kinda all over the place and having it at 8 hours really helps.


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      Thank you Danab. Yes I did that a long time ago. I figured out what it was. I had set up a setting that I should have left alone. It is working now. I sure hope I can do this! It is maddening for sure. But it is something I have been wanting to do for a long long time so it has to be worth the effort. :) Thank you again.


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        Hi Deboriah, which setting resolved this for you? I have the same problem and Support is telling me it's a browser/cookie issue.